Wireless Dealer and Cell Phone Dealer FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions for Wireless Dealers

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About Bargain Cellular

Bargain Cellular is a Wholesale Prepaid Wireless Airtime Distributor offering Wireless Dealers nationwide the opportunity to earn high profits selling all the nation's prepaid wireless carriers and other services. With our many years of experience in the wireless selling industry we are dedicated to helping wireless dealers profit from wireless and more.

Start a Cell Phone Business
What is required to become a wireless dealer?

There is No Equipment or Inventory Required! We provide wireless dealers with their own Web Based Prepaid Wireless Portal to Activate and Refill their customers mobile devices, Access SIM Cards, Cell Phones and more!

 There are no setup, activation or additional fees required to become a wireless dealer. All we ask is
that a wireless dealer has a desire to build a customer base for their wireless business.

To learn more, simply click the Dealer Inquiry Form to submit your information and we will
gladly follow up to answer questions and provide everything needed to help you get started.

If you have any questions, please call 732-494-7233 or contact us

Start a Cell Phone Business

Would I be a rep for Bargain Cellular or selling under my own name?
! You would be selling services under your own name. Bargain Cellular is it's own entity and doesn't allow any person or business to trade on it's name. We are aware that other businesses are using "BargainCellular" in their name, however, we are not affiliated with them.

If you have any questions, please call 732-494-7233 or contact us


Start a Cell Phone Business

Do you provide Training and Support?

YES! We pride ourselves on our comprehensive over the phone training as it allows our wirelsss dealers to properly learn how to Activate / Refill customer cell phone accounts and more!


YES! If a dealer requires assistance, they can call our Dedicated Support Number or use the on-line Help Chat system in their portal. Both of these channels are available to wireless dealers 24/7