Wireless Dealer and Cell Phone Dealer FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions for Wireless Dealers

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Why choose BargainCellular.Net?
We offer Instant High Spiffs and Commissions on the nation's prepaid wireless brands. Retailers can aActivate and Refill customers and more on a Simple, Powerful and User Friendly platform. There is also Direct In-Portal Support available 7 days a week should a retailer have a question or require assistance.

There are no costs, contracts or quotas. A wireless dealer must operate from a store / retail location as well as provide the necessary paperwork and a photo of their store for review and approval.

Start a Cell Phone Business
Would I be selling as Bargain Cellular or under my own name?
We do not have an affiliate program nor do we allow any business to sell our opportunities using our bargaincellular.net name. We are aware that other businesses are using "BargainCellular" in their name, however, we are not affiliated with them

Start a Cell Phone Business
Can I purchase a Cell Phone or wireless plan thru BargainCellular.net?
NO! We do not have any retail locations selling for us or sell cell phones / wireless plans on-line.

If you are a wireless retailer and have already been assigned a portal and require mobile devices
for your retail store contact us and let us see how we can assist. - click here

Start a Cell Phone Business
Do you provide Training and wireless dealer support?
YES! We pride ourselves on our over the phone training. Our step by step system will allow a
wireless dealer to fully understand their portal and allow them to perform activations / refills and more!

! Wireless Dealers can also call the support number located in their portal 24/7.