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  1. Wholesale GSM Phones
Apple i-Phones Samsung Galaxy's 
Apple i-Phones ( all models ) Samsung Galaxy's ( all models )



LG - V20

LGX Venture LG Stylo 2 Plus Expresso


LG L90 HTC Desire 530

BLU Advanced 5.0 BLU Grand Max

wholesale verizon wireless, wholesale page plus phones
Some of the many Cell Phones we offer that will work on the Verizon Prepaid Wireless Carrier networks.

Apple i-Phones for PagePlus and more  Apple i-Phones for PagePlus and more 
Apple i-Phones  Samsung Galaxy's 
LG Stylo 2  LG VS 500
LG Premier LTE HTC Rezound 4G LTE 
Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE  

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